Why Kick around the Clock?


Thank you for taking a look at our indoor tournament.   

If you're wondering if this might be a good event to put on your calendar, we hope this list helps...




1. Fun

Our focus is on creating FUN memories that give you the opportunity to play soccer in the middle of winter.


2. Awesome venue

Located just a couple miles off Interstate 80, the U offers heated comfort and nice amenities,
including areas for spectators and a snack bar.


3. Improves your skills

Playing 2v2 and 3v3 soccer provides tons of benefits that develop your game. Just a few: More touches on the ball;
Constant transitions between offensive and defensive modes; More attacking opportunities for everyone.


4. Gets you moving

The 25-minute games are fast-paced (you'll sub on the fly), meaning lots of continuous soccer action.
A great workout that will get you sweating!

5. Challenging but not too serious

 Our goal's to provide you with some competition that keeps you on your toes,
while being part of a fun environment that is not all about winning.


6. Show your creativity

Get in the spirit of Kick around the Clock and flex your creative muscles.
Awards include: Best Team Name; Coolest Uniforms; Craziest Hair...


7. Sportsmanship counts

...We also present awards for Sportsmanship. Again, the focus here is on having FUN. Please be nice to everyone!


8. Professionally organized

As Iowa's Soccer Leader, the Menace organization takes pride in continually working to improve your
tournament experience. The Menace's mission is to grow soccer, and we're glad your part of it!


9. Tradition

Kick around the Clock has been an annual, Super Bowl weekend, tradition since 2010.

10. One-of-a-kind event

Where else can you get three (or more) fast-paced games in a fun, creative atmosphere in a short span, 
and maybe even play past midnight?
Thanks for being part of Kick around the Clock, a fun, memorable, overnight, indoor-soccer event!