Welcome to Kick around the Clock 2020!

This fun, 3v3 event is hosted by the Des Moines Menace at Ignit Sports & Fitness in Grimes.

The maximum roster is 6. Every team is guaranteed at least three 25-minute games.Teams must check in at least 30 minutes before their first game, providing a tournament roster/waiversigned by each player, as well as proof of age of each player.



1.     The field (turf) is approximately 70 feet long and 45 feet wide.

2.     The goals are 3 feet high by 5 feet across.

3.     The goal boxes are 3 feet deep and 7 feet across.



1.     Players can wear cleats or any comfortable shoes for the soccer action. Players should carry, not wear, their playing shoes into the building. Shoes must be cleared of snow and dirt before entrance to the field will be permitted.

2.     All players must wear shinguards.

3.     All jerseys on a team must be alike in color; home team is responsible for furnishing an alternate color. Jerseys do not need to be numbered, though numbered jerseys are preferred.

4.     No equipment which is dangerous to another player may be worn. NOTE: Plaster casts are considered dangerous and must be padded to the referee's discretion. Jewelry is not allowed.

5.     For any infringement of these laws the player will be sent off to fix the equipment.



1.     All ages (Grades 2-12) will play 3v3 with no goalkeepers.

2.     Maximum team roster is 6.

3.     At check-in (at least 30 minutes prior to first game), all teams must present a completed waiver and roster form, which is available at Each participant must sign the waiver in order to play.

4.     Each team may have no more than two coaches (non-players) with the team during each game.

5.     Substitutions can be made on the fly. The player going out must meet the incoming player at midfield of the sideline.

6.     Please try to avoid instances of players “dual-rostering” with multiple teams in the same division. To dual-roster a player, please ask the tournament director for approval, and please have the courtesy to, before each game, have a conversation with the opponents’ coaches and/or captains, so that we’re all on the same page.



1.      Visiting team must furnish a game ball deemed appropriate by the referee.

2.      The game ball can be a futsal ball or an outdoor ball.

3.      2nd Grade = Size 3; 3rd Grade to 5th Grade = Size 4; and 6th Grade and Older = Size 5.



1.     Game will consist of one period, lasting 25 minutes.

2.     The time clock is continuous and will only be stopped by the referee's discretion.

3.     Teams are expected to be warmed up and ready to play at the scheduled start time.

4.     Games can end in a tie. There are no semifinal or final matches; Based on three pool-play matches, the top team in each bracket receives a giant chocolate-chip cookie.



1.     The visiting team will kick off.

2.     The ball does not have to go forward at the kick-off.

3.     A goal cannot be scored directly off a kick-off.

4.     The ball is in play once it has made one full rotation.

5.     A player may not touch the ball twice until another PLAYER has touched the ball.

6.     There are NO OFFSIDE CALLS in this tournament! 




1.     Substitutions are made on the fly.

2.     Correct substituting procedure requires one player coming off of the field before the incoming player enters.



1.       There is no ball contact allowed within the goal box. However, all players may pass through the goal box as long as they do not touch the ball while in the box. If the ball comes to a rest on the goal box, a goal kick is awarded regardless of who touched the ball last.

2.       Any part of the ball or player’s body on the line or inside the plane of the box is considered in the goal box and an extension of such.

3.       If a defensive player touches the ball after it has entered the plane, a goal will be awarded to the offensive team. If an offensive player touches the ball after it has entered the plane, a goal kick will be awarded to the defensive team. The plane of the goal box extends upward.




1.     A goal may be scored only from a touch (offensive or defensive) within the team’s offensive half on the field. The ball must be completely on the offensive half of the field, and cannot be touching the mid-line (Example: kick-off).

2.     If a player in their defensive half kicks the ball across the midline and the ball hits another player (offensive or defensive) and the ball goes in the goal, a goal will be awarded. If a ball is kicked from the defensive half and is not touched before the ball rests in the goal, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team

3.     A goal is scored when the entire ball has broken the plane of the goal line.



1.       Penalty kicks shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction (the infraction does not automatically result in a red card).

2.       Penalty kicks are direct kicks taken from the goal box of the opposite goal, with all players (on both teams) behind the endline (behind the player taking the PK). Penalty kicks are deadball infractions. If a goal is not scored, the defense obtains possession with a goal kick.



1.       With the exception of corner kicks and penalty kicks, all dead-ball kicks (kick-ins, kick-offs, free kicks) are indirect.

2.       Indirect kicks must make one full rotation before they are considered in play.

3.       There are no throw-ins in this tournament; kick-ins are used in those situations where a throw-in is used in the outdoor game.

4.       An opposing player must be 8 feet from the ball during all free kicks. This should be done without the referee's request. Dissent will be dealt with according to FIFA guidelines.

5.       Free kicks near the goal will be moved back, in order to allow the 8-foot buffer.

6.       Goal kicks may be taken from any point of the end line. Goal kicks must make one full rotation before they will be considered in play.



1.     Teams will be awarded three points for a win, one point for a tie.

2.     Final game scores will be recorded as no more than an eight-goal differential. For example if the Flying Rhinos win 17-2 against ManChestHair United, the final score stands at 10-2. In this example, for all recorded scoring (including for standings and tie-breakers), the Flying Rhinos’ “Goals for” total is 10, and their “Goals against” total is 2; Also in this example, ManChestHair United’s “Goals for” total is 2, and the team’s “Goals against” total is 10.\

3.     Just to be crystal-clear: For each game, the Final game score will be recorded as no more than an eight-goal differential. So, as an example, if the Bayern Munchkins outscore their pool-play opponents by scores of 30-5, 18-7, and 22-12, the final scores will be recorded as 13-5, 15-7, and 20-12. In this instance their total “Goals for” would be 48 and their total “Goals against” would be 24.




1.      A giant chocolate-chip cookie will be awarded to the top team in each pool (of three or four teams), based on preliminary games (this could include cross-bracket games).

2.      There are no championship matches (and no medals and no trophies, unless you count the cookies as trophies), as we’re keeping the focus on the FUN of Kick around the Clock.



Tie breaker is decided in the following order:

1.    Head-to-head (not used in a three-team tie)

2.    Goal differential

3.     Goals against (See above)

4.     Goals for (See above)

5.     If everything is equal, we will crown co-champions.



Teams are given five minutes before a forfeit is issued by the tournament staff. All forfeits must be approved by the tournament director to be an official forfeit. The tournament director has the option to replay a forfeited game if deemed necessary. Forfeits are recorded as a 6-0 final score.




1.     Any player who commits any of the offenses in the opinion of the referee shall be penalized by the award of an indirect free kick to be taken by the opposing team from the spot where the offense occurred.

a.     Handball – Holding – Kicking – Pushing – Striking – Tripping – Slide tackling – Obstruction – Swearing – Delay of game

2.     If any of the offenses are deemed by the referee to be serious in nature then they will be penalized by a two-minute penalty.

3.     An opposing player must be 8 feet from the ball during all free kicks. This should be done without the referee's request. Dissent will be dealt with according to FIFA guidelines.

4.     Please remember, this is supposed to be a FUN tournament. We understand you want to win. Winning can be fun, but it’s not the most important thing. Be nice to everyone, including your teammates, opposing players, referees and staff. We’re all doing our best, so please just chillax. Okay?



1.     Any red card will result in a suspension of one game not including the game from which the player was originally ejected. The penalized team must play short for 5 minutes until the penalty expires.

2.     A yellow card issues a 2-minute penalty. The penalized team must play short for 2 minutes until the penalty expires.

3.     2-minute penalties are assessed for major or minor fouls, and for unsportsmanlike conduct.

4.     The tournament host and host facility reserve the right to expel anyone who uses vulgar language in a harming manner. This includes racial, ethnic, or religious comments. This behavior is intolerable and could result in permanent expulsion from the facility.



A player's current grade in school determines the age division in which that player plays for the Kick around the Clock tournament. It is okay for someone to play in a grade older than his/her current grade.



The tournament director has final authority concerning the cancellation, delay, change of time, or any other alteration of games, as required due to weather or emergencies.


The following is the tournament’s refund policy, in the event that preliminary games are not played due to weather, emergencies as deemed by the Tournament Director, rental of facility, opponent not showing up, or act of god:


1.     No games played = 60 percent of the registration fee is returned.

2.     1 game played = 40 percent of the registration fee is returned.

3.     2 games played = No refund.

4.     3 games played or failure to play semi-final and/or final games = No refund.


No refunds will be given after a team is accepted.


With the goal of serving the greater good, the tournament host reserves the right to modify the rules. Please understand: No protests are allowed, complaining is never a good solution, the referee’s decision is final, and the tournament host will have the final say in all matters.


Thank you for your support, and thanks for setting a good example of sportsmanship, kindness and respect.