Thanks for making plans for the 11th annual Kick around the Clock. How can we help?

Please read over the FAQs below and check out the updated Info Sheet.

If you have further questions, please contact us.



Why Kick around the Clock?

Why not? This fun event gives youth-soccer players the chance to get some kicks during the winter. Each team is guaranteed three, 25-minute games, with a referee officiating every game. 

Based on three pool-play games, the top team in each bracket gets a ginormous chocolate-chip cookie. Plus, we'll have awards each day for these categories: best team name, coolest uniforms, friendliest team members and craziest hair. So, it's going to be pretty awesome. Why not bring your team together and make plans to make memories as part of this one-of-a-kind, indoor tournament?


Where is Kick around the Clock?

Ignit Sports & Fitness is the site of Kick around the Clock. Conveniently located less than two miles northest of Interstate 80 and Interstate 35, at this new facility is located at 200 SE 37th Street, Suite 100, in Grimes, Iowa 50311.


When is it?

It's been a tradition (starting in 2010) to play this tournament on the Friday and Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. The 2020 Kick around the Clock tournament is set for Friday, January 31st and Saturday, February 1st. The schedule will be posted on this page.


Who can play?

We invite boys and girls in grades 2-12.


What is the format?

Grades 2-12 will play 3v3. The maximum roster for all teams is 6 players.


What are some of the benefits of this format?

Playing 3v3 soccer in a small space on a fast surface has tons of benefits. Just a few of them: More touches on the ball; Plenty of practice making quick decisions; Constant transitions between offensive and defensive modes; More attacking opportunities for everyone.


This sounds like fun. How do we sign up?

Teams can register online or by mail. Visit this site or click on the "REGISTER" link in the black bar at the top of this page. Registration is $180 per team, and the deadline is Monday, January 20, 2020. Teams will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Are there any additional charges for participants or spectators?

No. Participants and spectators will not be charged for parking, and they will not be charged for admission into the facility.


What are the rules?

Visit this page for the complete rules. Each game goes 25 minutes straight.


What kind of ball do we play with?

The visiting team provides the game ball, and teams can play with a futsal ball or an outdoor ball. 2nd Grade = Size 3; 3rd Grade to 5th Grade = Size 4; and 6th Grade and Older = Size 5.


My friends and I are designing some cool shirts to wear as our "uniforms." Do we need to have numbers on the backs?

No. While it's helpful if you have numbers on the backs for your jerseys/shirts, it is not necessary for this tournament.


How do we check in? What do we need to bring?

Each team must check in at least 30 minutes before their first game. All team members do not need to be present at check-in. Here's what we need to see:

  • An official Roster & Waiver form, with the contact info for each player. This form must be signed by a legal guardian for each player, unless the player is 18 years old. We will keep this form.
  • Proof of age for each player (driver's license, soccer-player pass, school ID, birth certificate, passport). Copies are acceptable. We do not need to keep any proof-of-age documents.

The members of each team will need to wear matching tops; these do not need to have uniform numbers. Each player needs to wear shin guards and a pair of athletic shoes (like indoor-soccer shoes or running shoes).


Are cleats allowed?

Yes. You'll be playing on a turf surface, and you're encouraged to wear cleats or comfortable athletic shoes. Players should carry, not wear, their playing shoes into the building.


Are shinguards required?



What can participants expect?

With your support, we strive to offer one of the best indoor-soccer tournaments in Iowa and in the midwest. Our goal is to provide everyone with a memorable experience in a friendly and safe environment.

All friends and family members are invited to join us as spectators. Most fans will be asked to stand up around the field, as there is limited seating space available.

SCORES will be posted on stat mats that will be displayed on site. Final scores will be posted online, here, in the week following the event.

FOOD will be available for purchase at Ignit's concession stand. 

MERCHANDISE will be available. Fine Designs will be on-site, printing custom apparel. You choose your style of t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and the like, and then customize it with the printing on site. At check-in, each participant will receive a coupon to save $3 on their merchandise order.

TEAM AWARDS will be handed out for the following categories:

  • Best Team Name
  • Friendliest Team (Sportsmanship Award)
  • Craziest Hair
  • Coolest Uniforms

A GIANT CHOCOLATE-CHIP COOKIE will be presented to the top team in each bracket, based on three pool-play games (no championship games).


What if the weather doesn't cooperate?

In the event of inclement or unsafe weather, the tournament will be cancelled or postponed. We will try to not cancel the event, but please understand that we will if the roads are not safe. If you are not sure if your games are on as scheduled, please call the Menace weather hotline at (515) 457-6378, or check out the "MESSAGE CENTER" box located right under the big bear on  Tournament staff will call the contact person for each team affected by schedule changes.


Why don't you just have the older kids play the games that are late at night?

It seems that every year we hear this question from at least one parent (usually someone who is not super-excited about watching their middle-schooler playing past midnight). While we can appreciate that there are many ways to look at this, here's our perspective: Safety is important for the greater good, and we prefer not to have the risks that could come with having unsupervised, high-school-aged children driving past midnight (in violation of curfews), during the winter, with the possibility of less-than-ideal weather and road conditions. To play it safe, we prefer that the only late-night soccer action at this event is for children who will be supervised and transported by adults.


Who is the tournament host?

Kick around the Clock is hosted by the Des Moines Menace Soccer Club. To learn more about the Menace, including our mission, our programs and our history (going back to 1994), please visit In addition to Kick around the Clock, the Menace staff runs four outdoor youth-soccer tournaments: the Just for Girls Tournament (May), the Menace Midwest Invitational (May), the Just for Girls Fall Invitational (September) and Menace Soccer FestiFall 5v5 (November). Adam Small has been the Menace's tournament director since 2007.